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Student With Special Needs

I highly recommend Mindworks for their patience and effort. My child has a few special needs which made getting a qualified tutor more challenging. Despite the special requests, Mindworks Tuition Agency put in extra effort on their search and we finally found a suitable home tutor.”
- Ms Li

Quick Response!

We needed a tutor to help my child who is doing PSLE this year. As time is tight, we needed a tutor who can start as soon as possible. Mindworks confirmed a tutor the next day. I would like to recommend their excellent service to anyone who requires tuition services.”
- George

Qualified Tutor Within My Budget!

Mindworks Tuition Agency has brought me qualified tutors that suit my budget. As I have two children and both require lots of assistance on their Math, I needed someone to put in intensive amount of time to go through Math questions thoroughly so as to get them familiarize with the format. Thanks to Mindworks Tuition, I've managed to secure a tutor within my budget and constraints!”
- Mrs Chua


Featured Tutors


Mindworks Tuition is one of the leading tuition agencies in Singapore. It has a database of more than 10,000 home tutors, ranging from ex/current school teachers, full time tutors, part-time tutors, undegraduates and more.


Mindworks Tuition will bring you the tutor of your choice with NO AGENCY FEE CHARGED.

Getting a home tutor of your choice will be as easy as ABC.

  • A Request a tutor by calling 85000358 or sending us a request form
  • B Mindworkers will contact you and understand more about your needs
  • C Mindworkers will shortlist home tuition teacher and bring them to you

We have helped many customers, and we would like to help you.


Home Tuition Rates per Hour

Student Level Tutor’s Qualification
JC/Poly Undergraduate University Undergraduate Full-Time Tutor School Teacher
Primary 1 – 3 $20 – $25/hr $20 – $25/hr $25 – $35/hr $40 – $55/hr
Primary 4 – 5 $25 – $30/hr $25 – $35/hr $30 – $45/hr $40 – $60/hr
Primary 6 $25 – $30/hr $25 – $40/hr $35 – $50/hr $40 – $65/hr
Sec 1 / 2 $25 – $35/hr $25 – $40/hr $35 – $50/hr $60 – $80/hr
Sec 3 $30 – $40/hr $30 – $45/hr $40 – $60/hr $70 – $90/hr
Sec 4 / 5 $30 – $40/hr $30 – $45/hr $45 – $65/hr $70 – $90/hr
Junior College $35 – $50/hr $50 – $85/hr $90 – $130/hr



Mindworks Tuition is a registered tuition agency in Singapore and its mission is to help students to get qualified tutors and enable them to do well in exams. With more than 10,000 home tutors in our database, we will give you the power to choose tutors, and help you get a tutor within your budget without you having to pay any agency fee. We will provide tutor profiles within 24 hours.


Mindworks Tuition believe in the power of choice and in giving this power to the parents or the students. For each tuition request, we will ensure that there are at least two qualified tutors for you to consider. By hiring a suitable tutor, your child’s learning will be greatly enhanced.


Our tuition agency will do our best to understand your needs and your budget so as to match a suitable tutor without compromising your child’s learning. Moreover, as time is a very precious resource, the agency’s full time tuition coordinators will always keep our promise of replying within 24 hours.


Mindworks Tuition will not charge you any agency fee for the matching process. We will get the commission from the tutors who have taken the assignments.

With these commitments from Mindworks Tuition Agency,  you can be assured that qualified tutors will be brought to you ASAP by sharing your requirements.