About Us

Mindworks Tuition aims to be one of the leading tuition agencies in Singapore. Our mission is to bring the tutor of your choice to parents and students. With a database of more than 20,000 home tutors, we are able to provide you with more choices when choosing a qualified tutor. Our database provides a range of tutors ranging from current/ex MOE teachers, full-time tutors, part-time tutors, undergraduates, JC/polytechnic students and more.

Other than the choices we provide, we always listen to your wishes carefully. When it comes to budget, time, location, tutor's profile, we always strive to meet your needs. Most of the time, we will get back to you within 24 hours.

As a registered company in Singapore, we have a team of dedicated full-time tuition coordinators helping you to get the tutor you need. If you are a tutor and would like to be a part of Mindworks’ team, do join us here.



Yang's profile

Specializing in Physics and Maths for Upper Secondary and JC levels, Yang has helped many students improve. His students are from ACJC, AJC, EJC, HCI, MJC, NJC, NYJC, RJC, RVHS, SRJC, TJC, TPJC, VJC, and YJC. He believes that consistently working smart will always pay off.

Apart from 1-to-1 tuition, Young also gives group tuition at Power Physics.


Alice's profile

Having graduated from NTU School of Biological Sciences, Alice specializes in 'O' and 'A' levels Biology and Chemistry. She has been tutoring for 8 years and her students' profiles are diverse, including RJC, VJC, NYJC, TPJC and Chung Cheng High. Being approachable and patient, she will be able to guide your child to success.

Apart from 1-to-1 tuition, Alice also gives group tuition at Power Chemistry.

I highly recommend Mindworks for their patience and effort. My child has a few special needs which made getting a qualified tutor more challenging. Despite the special requests, Mindworks Tuition Agency put in extra effort on their search and we finally found a suitable home tutor.

Ms Li

Student with special needs

We needed a tutor to help my child who is doing PSLE this year. As time is tight, we needed a tutor who can start as soon as possible. Mindworks confirmed a tutor the next day. I would like to recommend their excellent service to anyone who requires tuition services.


Quick Response

Mindworks Tuition Agency has brought me qualified tutors that suit my budget. As I have two children and both require lots of assistance on their Math, I needed someone to put in intensive amount of time to go through Math questions thoroughly so as to get them familiarized with the format. Thanks to Mindworks Tuition. I've managed to secure a tutor within my budget and constraints.

Mrs Chua

Qualified Tutor Within Budget


Student Level Junior College/ Poly Student University Undergraduate Graduated Part/ Full-time Tutor Current/ Ex MOE Teacher
Primary 1 - 3 $20 - 25/hr $20 - 25/hr $25 - 35/hr $40 - 55/hr
Primary 4 - 5 $25 - 30 /hr $25 - 35/hr $30 - 45/hr $40 - 60/hr
Primary 6 $25 - 30/hr $25 - 40/hr $35 - 50/hr $40 - 65/hr
Secondary 1 - 2 $25 - 35/hr $25 - 40/hr $35 - 50/hr $60 - 80/hr
Secondary 3 $30 - 40/hr $30 - 45/hr $40 - 60/hr $70 - 90/hr
Secondary 4 - 5 $30 - 40/hr $30 - 45/hr $45 - 65/hr $70 - 90/hr
Junior College N/A $35 - 50/hr $50 - 85/hr $90 - 130/hr